Аэрогрупп - ведущий рекламный оператор международных аэропортов России
1.Development, installation on mobile electronic devices and implementation, including licensing, maintenance and technical support of software in the field of improving the efficiency of airline crew members and passenger service on board an aircraft, including the following functionality: working with passengers; working with cabin crew; working with electronic guidance and reporting tools; reporting forms and questionnaires for crew members; obtaining various flight data; conducting a pre-flight briefing; information about the weather at airports; other functions required by the airline for the work of crew members. Software designed for use by crew members significantly improves the efficiency of production processes based on paper documentation. The software allows integration with the airline's information systems, including the booking system, flight planning system, reporting system, etc.  

2. Development, implementation, including licensing, maintenance and technical support of software for passenger entertainment on board the aircraft, including software for streaming entertainment systems operating on the basis of a hardware complex located on board the aircraft and providing passengers with viewing of media content. The software may include the following functionality: the interface of the entertainment portal in various languages; the portal menu, the division of media content into sections; passenger surveys; information about the airline; viewing the catalog of media content; selection of media content languages; airline logbook; on-board menu offered to passengers; flight and weather information; seat upgrade; flight attendant call; shop on board; other functions required by the airline to improve the comfort of passengers in flight.