Дополнительный доход
We don't just produce, localize and implement great content. We also help our airlines turn IFE into an opportunity to generate additional revenue through advertising. We maintain partnerships with major advertisers who are interested in a high-quality audience. As experts in the advertising market, we declare: good entertainment content on board - whether it's video, audio or games - can and should be monetized.

We have a deep understanding of the on-board environment and constantly investigate passenger behavior on the plane. This means that we can help the airline create new revenue opportunities at every point of interaction with the passenger. Using our integrated solutions, the airline will be able to generate tangible revenue from the monetization of on-board media.
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We are both an IFE provider and an advertising agency, we provide passengers with an unforgettable experience of the flight, helping partner airlines to recoup a significant part of the costs by placing advertising on board. Relationships with the world's leading studios, the ability to refinance the project through content monetization, extensive experience, and in-depth expertise - all this makes Aerogroup one of the most cost-effective and high-quality content service providers in the world.

We invite advertisers and brands to partner with selected in-flight entertainment partners to serve standard 30- and 60-second advertisements or user-generated content to millions of travelers who are already watching the best TV and movies on their domestic and international flights.