Технические решения
You've come to the right place! Aero group's technical team was the first in Russia to start working with IFE systems. At the moment, we can give all the necessary advice and form comprehensive recommendations on the selection and operation of entertainment systems for your aircraft. Regardless of the current equipment of your fleet - Hi8 systems and/or the latest integrated solutions - we have sufficient experience to perform the work clearly and correctly. 
We offer the production of excellent visual content according to your requirements. From a spectacular action movie to animated 2D and 3D videos. We have extensive experience in the production of preflight videos, welcome and promotional videos, and documentaries. We offer a turnkey service - from the script and filming to post-production and subtitling. Original ideas, modern technologies, a talented team - everything you need to please and inspire your passengers.

Technical solutions

Over 20 years of work, we have managed to assemble a talented team of producers, directors, animators and programmers who produce original video and audio content.